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The Kelsay Family

One Family Adding Adventure in Everyday Life
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Taking on the World, One Adventure at a Time

Hi! We are the Kelsay Family. Nestled into beautiful Encinitas, California, we continuously find rad opportunities to be a part of our community. We love to surf, skate, serve others together, and create new opportunities for learning and growing. Our goal is to keep adventure in everyday life as a family and to invite others to do the same.

Our family hopes to show you what adventures are possible with kids! No matter where you live, your family can always learn and grow together, along with building stronger bonds through the community and through adventure.


See what we’re up to!

Our blog highlights our latest adventures and service projects.

Empowering Girls with Skateboarding

One of my passion projects is called Skate Rising. This wonderful program is ran by Exposure Skate, and I get the awesome opportunity to teach girls in the community positivity, courage, and empowerment through skateboarding. If you’d like to learn more and see if there is a Skate Rising event near you, you should check it out!